Important Information - Please read carefully

Recent audit findings conducted by the North Dakota University System revealed concerns regarding all of the special international programs at Dickinson State University to include students participating in the Dual Degree Joint Program (DDJ), Top-Up Program, and the Disney Institute

Certainly, if you are currently enrolled or have been a student in one of the special international programs listed above, you have many questions and concerns as to the status of your credentials from Dickinson State University. 

By creating an account, we can provide detailed instructions as to the documentation that will be required of you so that we can verify that status of your credentials or degree from Dickinson State University.  You can view what documents are requested of you and track documents as they are submitted to DSU.

You will need to know your DSU Student ID number to create an account.  Your password will be: Audit

Please do not share your DSU Student ID number or password with other students. Rather, encourage others to create their own account and to monitor their status individually.