ELL Program Courses

Dickinson State University provides four different levels of ELL programming. These courses are an integrated approach to learning, acquiring language and are intended for international students. These courses will focus on acquiring academic listening, reading, speaking and writing English Language skills. Placement will be determined by students’ TOEFL scores and other placement instruments as deemed appropriate by the ELL specialist.

  • ASC 066 (English Language Learner High Basic Program): M&W 09:00AM ~ 10:15AM
  • ASC 067 (English Language Learner Low Intermediate Program): T&TH 09:00AM~10:15AM
  • ASC 068 (English Language Learner High Intermediate Program): M&W 07:30AM~08:45AM
  • ASC 069 (English Language Learner Low Advanced Program): T&TH 07:30AM~08:45AM