Why live on campus?

It is not uncommon to walk into any of our lounges and find students studying, playing games or just socializing. Living on campus at Dickinson State University offers many conveniences and countless opportunities to enhance both your social and educational experience. In addition to being conveniently located, on campus living offers a fun and exciting environment where you will build friendships and have the opportunity to become involved on campus.

Our staff realizes that you will learn a great deal in the classrooms of our institution, but you will also learn just as much through participation in extracurricular activities. A number of activities are held on campus every semester including plays, performances, games, workshops, panels, and celebrations, and students who live on campus have the best access to these programs.

Students who live in the residence halls also have access to a number of events held for their residents exclusively. These programs are designed to educate our students on important issues and bring them together to participate in fun activities.

These programs are designed to enrich and educate students on social issues of today and participation in these programs help build community, spirit and unity. Some of these programs cover important issues such as date rape, aids awareness, eating disorders, alcohol abuse and women's health issues. We've even been known to do programs on current trends such as the health concerns of tattooing, the how-to on shaving your head and even tips on dying your own hair.

We encourage our students to get involved in activities on campus--they’re the best way to meet other students and become a part of our Blue Hawk family! 

Campus Housing

Delong Hall
Standing six stories tall, DeLong Hall houses 188 residents. The hall is arranged in double-occupancy rooms in suite-style configurations with four rooms sharing a private bath. Four suites surround a lounge on each floor. In addition, the basement level includes a main lounge and a kitchen. DeLong Hall is conveniently located near May, Stickney, and Klinefelter Halls.

Woods Hall – Closed for Renovations
Woods Hall, currently closed for renovations, houses its students in double-occupancy rooms on its top three floors. A main lounge is located on the first floor, with the lower level housing a kitchen and second lounge area that is perfect for games and small events. The hall is located near the Student Center.

Main Campus Apartments
The University maintains an apartment complex adjacent to campus. Main Campus Apartments offer 16 shared units that house up to 48 students. Preference for housing in Main Campus Apartments is given to upper-class students.

Family Housing
Family housing units are also available in the Main Campus Apartment complex. Due to the limited space for family housing it will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested in DSU’s family housing options, please call Housing & Dining to reserve your spot at 701.483.2091. 

Important Housing Dates/Deadlines

Incoming students:

  • July 1 – 15 = 100% refundable – the $25 non-refundable fee for Fall
  • July 16 – 31 = 50% refundable – the $25 non-refundable fee for Fall
  • August 1 or later = 0% refundable
  • August 1st- Housing Appeals/Accommodations due/Early Arrival Due for Fall
  • October 1st Housing Application is available for both Fall and Spring
  • December 1 – 15 = 100% refundable – the $25 non-refundable fee for Spring
  • December 16 – 31 = 50% refundable – the $25 non-refundable fee for Spring
  • January 1 or later = 0% refundable
  • January 2- Housing Appeals/Accommodations due/Early Arrival Due for Spring

Current students:

  • July 1 – 15 = 100% refundable – the $25 non-refundable fee for Fall
  • July 16 – 31 = 50% refundable – the $25 non-refundable fee for Fall
  • August 1 or later = 0% refundable
  • August 1st Early Arrival Due for Fall
  • August 20-24- Room Changes Requests due
  • December 1st-Current Housing Student Appeals/Accommodation due
  • December 1-Current Winter Break Housing Due
  • March 3rd-Spring Break Housing due
  • May 1st-Current Student Housing Appeals/Accommodations due

Housing Costs

Please visit the Tuition and Cost to Attend page for housing costs. 

How do I apply for housing?

Once you have been accepted to Dickinson State University. Please follow the steps below to fill out the online Housing Application. Please be advised that the Housing Prepay for new students is $200 and to have a completed Housing Application, it must be paid at the end of the Housing ApplicationFailing to pay the $200 pre-payment results in your Housing Application being incomplete. Having an incomplete Housing Application can result in the loss of your housing choice.

What are the steps for doing the online housing application? 

  1. To apply for housing in Campus Connection, you must use your claimed System ID.

  2. After claiming/verifying your System ID, log into Campus Connection.

  3. Under Self-Service, select “On-Campus Housing.
    1. Hit Continue
    2. Choose Dickinson State University and hit continue

  4. Click the Application tab
    1. Choose the New Student Application necessary
      1. The semester they are applying for is in parenthesis
  1. Follow the prompts to complete your application.
    1. The $200 Pre-pay is the last step that MUST be completed before the application is submitted. 

What if I receive an error message while applying for housing?

*An error has occurred.*
*Session timed out due to inactivity.*

If you are receiving an error message while applying online, it is likely due to your browser's cookie settings.

To fix it, change browser settings to accept cookies.

Internet Explorer:
Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Advanced
Check: Override automatic cookie handling, Accept First-Party and Third-Party Cookies

Options -> Options -> Privacy -> History -> Remember History

Still have questions?

Contact us at:



When are housing assignments distributed? 

**For Spring, they go out in November, December, and early January.

**For Fall, they go out once a month starting in May.