Assistive Technology

Read & Write Gold 11.0
An easy-to-use computer program designed to help improve reading fluency and comprehension.  This software includes numerous tools to help facilitate improved research, writing, studying, and test-taking skills. Read & Write Gold is available as a free PC and MAC download to DSU students, staff, and faculty. Please contact the Disability Services Coordinator for more information.

Sonocent Audio Notetaker

An innovative study tool which enables almost any student to create complete notes from class, facilitating both independence and better learning. Designed for students who struggle with note taking, Audio Notetaker combines color-coded audio, text, and images in the same space.

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ABBBY FineReader 9.0

FineReader converts scanned paper documents, digital images of texts and image-only PDFs into actionable formats such as Microsoft ® Word, Excel ® or searchable PDFs, enabling you to quote or entirely reuse text and table content without retyping.

Dragon Naturally Speaking 12.0

Dragon recognizes what you say and how you say it so you can turn talk into text and use your voice to command the PC and applications.  Say words and they appear on your screen.  Use your favorite applications to dictate documents, send email, or search the web.  Speak simple voice commands into a headset/microphone to launch applications. (This program requires additional training for the computer to recognize your voice.)

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Take the stress out of tests and meetings with an Echo smartpen from Livescribe. Record everything you hear, say and write, while linking your audio recordings to your notes. Quickly replay audio from your Livescribe paper, a computer, or a mobile device – all with a simple tap on your handwritten notes. It's never been easier to take notes and stay organized.

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Frequency Modulation (FM) Amplification System

A personal amplification system designed for use by individuals who are hard of hearing.  The system can be used in group settings such as a classroom, where it maximizes a student's ability to hear and ensures that the speaker's message is heard.  FM Systems are wireless assistive hearing devices that enhance the use of hearing aid(s), cochlear implants and also assist people who are hard of hearing, but do not wear hearing aids.  

USB Voice Recorder

Allows users to record audio from lectures and to replay the audio by plugging the USB into a computer.

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Jaws 14.0 for Windows 
Screen reading software developed for computer users whose vision loss prevents them from seeing screen content.  JAWS reads aloud what's on the PC screen.

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Alternate Text Requests

In order to receive alternate texts, please follow the steps below:

  • The student must identify books for each class and bring this list into the Disabilities Services Office.
  • The student must purchase the text for each class.     
  • The student will be contacted by the Disability Services Office within 2 working days of receiving the alternate text format.
  • The student is responsible for picking up the alternate text format.
  • The student must sign a contract with the Disability Services Office before receiving the alternate text format.
  • The student must return alternate formats within 3 days of the class final or within 3 days of withdrawal from class, transfer to another postsecondary institution, etc.  

Learning Ally

Provides a growing library of accessible downloadable audiobooks and educational content for people of all ages and education levels including people with learning disabilities, visually impaired individuals, and individuals with physical disabilities.

Please see the Disability Services Coordinator to arrange access to Learning Ally.


An accessible online library for people with print disabilities. Please see the Disability Services Coordinator to arrange access to Bookshare.