What is the Discovery Dome?

The Discovery Dome is a portable full-dome theater surrounding students with roaring dinosaurs, fascinating planets, and explosive storms – all immersive, engaging, and realistic.  Developed by the Houston Museum of Natural Science and Rice University, this new theater offers a state-of-the-art visual learning experience that can address many different fields of science for any grade level.

Why Discovery Dome?

  • High Definition Images – Museum-quality productions are projected by a computer-driven, state-of-the art projection system.
  • Convenient Show Lengths – Each show will engage students’ attention and is approximately 25 minutes in length. Multiple shows can be viewed on the same day for the same school.
  • Low Maintenance – Two trained DSU students travel with the dome to take care of all set up and programming needs.
  • Fully Portable – The dome can easily travel to schools throughout Southwest North Dakota and beyond.
  • Meets Space Requirements – The dome has a 5-meter diameter circular footprint and is 10 feet tall. It easily fits into a school gymnasium or on most school stages.
  • Continuous Entry Door – The air-lock door permits constant entry and exit without disrupting the presentation. It features a stand-up entry door, no crawling or shoe removal necessary.
  • Large Seating Capacity – The dome comfortably seats 30 elementary students plus teachers.
  • No Cost to Hosting School* – There is no cost to request the dome visit a school in Southwest North Dakota. As of 2013, the Discovery Dome is grant funded by a STEM grant and a Math-Science Partnership grant.

*(For schools more than 2 hours from Dickinson, N.D., a minimal fee may be required.  Please contact us for more details)

Available Shows

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Astronomy Shows

Earth Science Shows

Biology Shows

History Shows

Schedule a Show

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Contact Info

The Discovery Dome is owned by Dickinson State University and sponsored by a STEM grant and a Math-Science Partnership grant.

For more information, contact:
Dept. of Natural Sciences
Dickinson State University
Email: mailto:dsu.discoverydome@dickinsonstate.edu


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