Please review this information at the beginning of the semester to answer any questions you may have about the proctoring process. Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact the SOAR Center at 701-483-2029 or

What is a Proctor?

What is a Proctor?

A proctor is someone designated or appointed to supervise and monitor students during examinations.

What does a Proctor do?

A proctor may have a variety of duties; but typically, their primary responsibility is to verify the identity of the student taking the exam. They will also monitor students during testing. Proctors may also be tasked with handing out exams, scanning or mailing exams back to professors, and enforcing the rules or guidelines of the exam.

Why do I have to use a Proctor?

Proctors ensure the security and integrity of the exam process and the validity of the degree received. Typically, students can choose a proctor in their area and a proctoring time that works with their schedule.

Things you should know:

  • You cannot be your own proctor.
  • Friends and/or family members cannot be your proctor.
  • Proctored exams cannot be administered in a residential setting.
  • Your boss, supervisor or one of your own direct reports cannot be your proctor.

Setting up a Proctor

Who can be an Approved Proctor for DSU?

Dickinson State University does not prefer any particular proctor over another; however, the easier a proctor is to verify the more quickly your chosen proctor can be approved.

Approved Proctors include:

  • Educational Testing Center
  • High School Counselor
  • Elementary or High School Teacher
  • Librarian
  • Educational Administrator

Proctors cannot be:

  • Yourself
  • Friends and/or family members
  • Your boss, supervisor, or one of your own direct reports

How do I find/choose a Proctor?

  • Are you a DSU student in the Dickinson area?
    • Most DSU students proctor at the Student Opportunity & Resource (SOAR) Center.
    • If you do not meet either of the following criteria, then you must use the SOAR Center to proctor your exams. Alternative proctors in the Dickinson area will not be approved. If you require special accommodations other than those listed below, you will have to petition for such accommodations through the professor of the proctored exam and the chair of the department of that instructor. It is best to do this immediately, to provide the additional time for approval that such a petition will require. There is not an official petition form, simply email your professor and carbon copy (cc) Student Opportunity & Resource (SOAR) Center
      • If you are an Ag student, you can proctor in the Ag department only with prior permission, and only for Ag related classes. Contact the SOAR Center at 701-483-2029 or the Department of Agriculture & Technical Studies at 701-483-2185
      • If you have need of certain accommodations, you may (with prior permission) be able to have Disability Services proctor your exams depending on the type of exam and if your accommodations are registered with Disability Services. Contact the SOAR Center at 701-483-2029 or Disability Services at 701-483-2101
  • Are you a DSU student in the Bismarck area?
    • Proctoring for all DSU courses is available through the DSU-Bismarck campus. Please contact the Bismarck office at 701-319-6660 or the SOAR Center at 701-483-2029
  • Are you a DSU student in another location outside of Dickinson and Bismarck?
    • You must find a proctor in your area that meets the criteria outlined in the DSU Proctor Policy
    • It is important that you follow the procedures described on the Proctor Policy page to ensure that you are able to complete your exams within the time allotted by your instructor.
    • It is the student’s responsibility to find and designate a proctor, complete the proctor form, and make the exam appointment with the chosen proctor.
    • See section “How do I find a proctor outside of the Dickinson area?“
  • If you are not a DSU student, you may be able to have the SOAR center proctor your exam for a university course other than DSU, or other type of exam. Please fill out the proctor form here or call the SOAR Center at 701-483-2029 to make arrangements.

How do I find a proctor outside of the Dickinson area?

Below you will find some steps provided for your benefit that we have found to be successful to students outside of the Dickinson area:

  • Start by contacting college or university testing centers in your area to see if they proctor exams for students from other colleges.
    • Search on Google for colleges or universities in your area if you are unfamiliar.
    • Call them and ask if they will proctor an exam for you from Dickinson State University.
    • If they do not provide such a service, ask them if they know any library or school that does proctor exams.
    • Expand your Google search with the word “proctor” and the name for each individual college or university and/or search their website for terms like “proctor”, “testing”, “CLEP”, “entrance exam” or “Accuplacer.” If the college or university doesn’t have an official department that conducts proctoring, call any of the testing services that match the last three of the search terms (“CLEP”, “entrance exam” or “Accuplacer”) and ask if they will proctor an exam for you.
  • Contact your local library.
    • In smaller communities, many local libraries proctor exams for their community members.
    • Call them and ask if they will proctor an exam for you from Dickinson State University.
    • If they do not provide such a service, ask them if they know any library or school that does proctor exams.
  • You can also try contacting high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools in your area. Often, schools have a faculty member such as a counselor, librarian, or computer teacher who will proctor exams. Many K-12 schools are not doing this anymore, so if you have some affiliation with them, such as a former student or where your children attend school, it is much more likely that you can find someone at such a location to proctor an exam for you.
  • In some parts of the country, especially in larger metropolitan areas, there are businesses that will proctor exams, such as a tutoring center, organizations or associations that assist homeschoolers, or proctoring centers that proctor exams as part of their business model.

How long does the approval process take?

The SOAR Center asks that you allow a minimum of 5 business days to process your proctor request form. Certain proctors are considered ‘pre-approved’. The DSU Proctor form lists several different proctors from which a student can choose. The DSU SOAR Center on the Dickinson campus, the DSU Bismarck office, and ProctorU (only available for certain classes), are all approved as soon as someone in the SOAR Center can view the form.

With prior approval certain other proctors may be selected, such as the DSU Department of Agriculture & Technical Studies for Ag exams, and Disability Services for students with accommodation letters on file. Contact any one of these offices or the SOAR Center to obtain prior approval for proctoring with them. ProctorU can also be used for certain specific classes.  Please see the proctor form for a listing of those specific classes or contact your professor or SOAR Center at 701-483-2029

All Dickinson area students who have not obtained prior approval to proctor with one of these specific offices must have their exams proctored at the SOAR Center.

For students outside of the Dickinson and Bismarck areas, you will need to locate a proctor to use and submit all of the business information for that chosen proctor by filling out a DSU Course Proctor form here. Proctors who are easily identified and can be verified through a search of the Internet are more likely to be approved more quickly.

Things that require additional time to verify can be (but are not limited to):

  • An email address that cannot be verified by a third party—(such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc)
  • Phone numbers that do not match the phone number listed on the Internet website (especially if area code and prefix do not match)
  • Physical addresses that do not match the business address on the Internet
  • Teachers’ and/or Librarians’ names who are not listed in staff and/or faculty directories
  • A physical address that resolves to a house or residential district
  • Choosing a proctor that requires preapproval without obtaining prior authorization (such as, Disability Services, or Ag dept.)
  • Choosing a proctor that does not meet the list of criteria in the Proctor Policy

Proctor requests are approved Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. MT. Forms submitted after hours will not be approved until the following workday. If you are submitting a proctor form for an exam that you expect to take in less than 5 business days, we ask that you call the SOAR Center at 701-483-2029

How will I know if my proctor request has been approved?

As proctor forms are processed, they are either approved, denied, or held for more information. If the proctor form you have submitted is denied or held for further information, you will be contacted via your email address and/or the email address you submitted on the form as soon as the proctor form is processed. In that email, you will be notified that your proctor form request has been denied and your professor and the chair of the department will be included on that email. Those emails are sent out from the SOAR Center within 5 business days or less, typically less.

For proctor forms that are held for further information, it may take a few hours to a few days to get mistaken, missing, or confusing information clarified. You may (but not always) receive an email from the SOAR Center asking for further clarification. Your professor may or may not be included on that email, depending on the circumstances. It is up to the student to provide the SOAR Center with the correct valid information for your proctor.

If you have not received an email denying your proctor request or asking for additional information within 5 business days of submitting your form, you can expect that your proctor form is approved. Your instructor has access to a Proctor Community in Blackboard and can verify if your proctor has been approved.

Taking a proctored exam

My exam is asking for a Password, how do I get it?

Only proctors receive exam passwords.

I found a Proctor. Now what?

Once you have located a proctor, get the name of the proctor, the proctor’s job title (i.e. Librarian, Director, Testing staff, Teacher, etc.), the school or business name, address, telephone number, and email address. Complete the DSU proctor request form here to provide the SOAR Center with the necessary information.

Some proctoring locations have their own forms that they require be completed and submitted to them. You will probably also need to make an appointment with your proctor. Very few if any proctors or testing centers allow walk-in appointments. It is in the student’s best interest to find out what your chosen proctor prefers.

  • Call your Proctor and make an appointment to take your exam.

How do I know when to show up for my test?

Once you have made contact with your proctor; received their permission to use them as a proctor; submitted your proctor request form; and have the window of opportunity for your test from your instructor, you must contact your proctor and schedule an appointment to take your exam.

If you have chosen the SOAR Center, call 701-483-2029 to make an appointment. If you have chosen the DSU Bismarck campus as your proctor, call 701-319-6660 to make an appointment to take your exam. If you have chosen Disability Services and you have paperwork on file with them, call 701-483-2101. If you have chosen the Department of Agriculture & Technical Studies and you have already obtained prior authorization to use them, call 701‑483‑2185 to make your appointment.

If you have chosen ProctorU as your proctor—and the class is one of the classes that allows for ProctorU to be used—you must first create an account with ProctorU and then request an appointment from them. Learn more information about ProctorU 

If you have chosen an out of area proctor that you selected, you must contact that proctor and follow their guidelines to take your exam.

What Do I Bring? / Do I need to bring my laptop?

You must bring a valid picture ID to your appointment to prove your identity. A valid driver’s license or DSU picture ID is appropriate. A picture id from your high school is not acceptable. Other items such as calculator, notes, textbook, etc., only if they are allowed on the exam. Your proctor will get a list of everything that your professor has listed as allowed.

Whether or not you can bring your own laptop depends on who your proctor is and the type of exam you are taking. If you are taking your exam with the SOAR Center, DSU Bismarck, or any of the pre-approved Dickinson area proctors, you do not need to bring in your own computer and in most cases, are not allowed to bring in a separate device. Most all proctors across the country have networked computers for you to take your exam; and that is always more preferable than trying to take an exam on a wireless connection on a laptop.

There are instances, however, that some libraries require the student to provide their own device; or an exam that requires the use of Respondus LockDown Browser which the proctor’s network services will not allow to be installed on the proctor’s computers. In such cases, it may become necessary for the student to provide his or her own laptop. Such circumstances are rare and are approved on a case-by-case basis. Please contact both your professor and the SOAR Center if you find yourself in such a situation.

What if the proctor I’m using charges me to take the exam?

If you are using an out-of-area proctor or an alternate proctor with extended hours in Bismarck, it is highly likely that the proctor will charge a fee to proctor an exam; most do. The student is responsible to pay the fees for proctoring services.

The SOAR Center, the DSU Bismarck office, Disability Services, and the Department of Agriculture & Technical Studies do not charge DSU students for proctoring. Additionally, almost none of those offices and departments proctor other exams for any off campus entity (like Accuplacer, CLEP, non-DSU University courses, etc.,). All such inquiries should be addressed to the SOAR Center at 701-483-2029.

Changing Proctors

What if I need to change my proctor?

If the proctor you previously had approved cannot accommodate the exam window or if you’ve moved or for some other reason and you need to change proctors, simply find a new proctor and submit the information for the new proctor on the proctor form here (Refer back to How do I find/choose a Proctor? ). At that time, contact the SOAR Center to notify us that you will need to change proctors and the reason. It is not sufficient reason that your original chosen proctor cannot accommodate your desired appointment. If, however, your proctor has no appointments available during the entirety of your exam window, please contact the SOAR Center at 701-483-2029 or and notify your professor immediately.