Benefits of Living on Campus

Living on campus means you’re already home.

When walking into a DSU housing facility, it is not uncommon to find students studying, playing games or socializing. Living on campus at DSU offers many conveniences and countless opportunities to enhance both social and educational experiences.

Our staff realizes you will learn a great deal in the classrooms at DSU, but you will also learn outside the classroom through participation in various activities. A number of activities are planned every semester on campus including athletic events, workshops, comedians, theatre and musical performances, and celebrations. These programs are designed to enrich and educate students on social issues of today and participation in these programs helps build community, spirit and unity. Students who live on campus have the best access to all of these programs, for free, allowing them to become a more active part of our Blue Hawk family.

Student Success

Living on campus increases the probability for new students to achieve academic and personal success. Several studies regarding living on-campus have been conducted throughout the United States that demonstrate the importance of living on-campus. A summary of such research (Pascarella & Terenzini, 2005; Walsh & Kurpius, 2015) highlights the following positive effects of living in on-campus housing during one’s college career:

  • Enhanced effort and involvement in academic, social and extracurricular activities
  • Greater personal growth and development
  • Increased openness to diversity
  • More involvement with other students, faculty and the institution as a whole
  • Improved GPA
  • Increased satisfaction with the college experience
  • Increased likelihood to persist in college and graduate

While students off-campus are preparing for their commute, you will be sleeping a bit longer because classes are just a few steps away!

Living-Learning Community Environment

The Office of Housing & Dining has established special environments to provide additional living options for students to enhance their learning opportunities. These communities are created in conjunction with other campus departments.

Gaming Floor – Collaborate with floor members, and others, to support activities promoting social and problem solving skills.

Multicultural Floor – Celebrate creativity, innovation, diversity and inclusion with the opportunity to explore issues of human diversity, identity, and social justice in a safe and fun environment.

Rural Living Floor – Offers you opportunities to celebrate nature and the outdoors.

Wellness Floor – Collaborate with floor members to support the mind, body, spirit and living a well-balanced life.

HDA – The DSU HDA (Housing & Dining Association) is a student-lead organization supporting students living and eating on campus.

Housing and Dining Requirements

Effective fall 2018, all students with 59 credits or less are required to live within DSU-provided housing and purchase the board plan. 

Exemption Policy and Process

Students with 59 earned credits or less who meet at least one of the following criteria may seek an exemption from the housing policy. To seek an exemption, students must submit a completed Exemption Housing Appeal Request form by the deadlines listed below. Submissions received after deadlines will not be considered. Please note that dual credit and advanced placement credits are completed while in high school. Therefore, they are not considered when determining earned credits within the Office of Housing & Dining. 

Exemptions to the live-on requirement may be considered for the following reasons:

Students under the age of 21, living with parent(s) and/or legal guardian in their primary residence, and within 25 miles of the DSU-Dickinson campus.

  • Address of the parent(s) and/or legal guardian at the time of application will be considered the parents’ primary residence.
  • Proof of residency will be required.
  • Exemptions will not be granted for students living with siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc. unless they have legal guardianship that was established some years prior to application at DSU.
  • Providing false information to DSU is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and will subject the student to disciplinary action. Students who indicate they are living with their parent(s) and/or legal guardian but are found to be doing otherwise will be assigned to on-campus housing.
  • Note: Having already signed a lease with an off-campus landlord or purchasing a home will not be considered as a reason for this exemption.

Student is 21 or older PRIOR to the start of classes for the year in which they are enrolling

  • Students who turn 21 in the fall semester may appeal to live off campus for the spring semester.

Students with primary custody of a minor child

  • Proof of established custody will be required.

Students who are married

  • A copy of the marriage certificate will be required. 

Students enrolled in 11 or fewer credit hours

  • Should a student begin the semester with 11 or fewer credit hours and then add a class (making him/her a full-time student), the student will be expected to move into on-campus housing. 

Any request for exemption must be submitted electronically through the Housing Appeal Request form. This form is available online through the Housing & Dining website and must be submitted and received no later than:

  • May 1 for returning students
  • August 1 for incoming fall students
  • December 1 for returning students
  • January 1 for incoming spring students

Supporting documents for any request must be included with the appeal. The Housing Appeal Committee will review officially received requests for exemptions on a weekly basis and will provide a written response to each request.

In most cases, exceptions to this policy will not be made. Students who meet the housing requirement who fail to comply with this policy will be charged fees associated with room and board. Exceptions will not be made based on financial need. Students should consider all aspects of financial responsibility when finalizing their decision to attend Dickinson State University, this includes those issues related to room and board.

**Students are encouraged not to make any other commitments for housing until they receive a written response to their requests for exemption.**